The Newton Park in Karpenissi

The Newton Park in Karpenissi

- Evrytania, Sterea Ellada -

Location: Καρπενήσι, Ευρυτανία, Ελλάδα(See Map)


Playground Bouncy castles Rocking horse toys Maze Soap Bubbles Magnet alphabet table Hoop throwing games Recycling area with educational signs -Can crusher Tic tac toe tower Libra scale balancing Pipe insturment Gear wall Kids ball throwing tower Rubber duck racing Volley court Sand ball-ball throwing game Mini-excavator area Weather Station Archimedes screw -exhibit & Water wheel -exhibit Newtons Pendulum Action - Reaction -exhibit Pendulum waves -exhibit Archimedes claw mechanism -exhibit Principle of Conservation of angular momentum -exhibit Vortex -exhibit Solar energy bots exhibit Transfer of energy --exhibit Einsteins theory of general relativity and geometric gravity - exhibit Perpetual motion machines- why they cant be realized -exhibit Protractor (angle meter) swing Spinning illusion wheels Flying fox activity Ladder ball- ladder golf Sound district Slackline


The park is situated in a dreamy riverside location! This is going to be an unforgettable experience for both you and your kids!



Entrance Fee Free access to all activities.


Drinks and beverages

Additional Info / Other things to note

You can also enjoy a medium soccer field and a domesticated animal farm.

Meeting Point

7th km Karpenisi National road ,Prousos, Karpenisi, Evritania

Cancellation Policy



Make a reservation

per person
for 3 hours


Ένα υπαίθριο Πάρκο αναπτυγμένο σε μια έκταση 7 στρεμμάτων, στην παραποτάμια περιοχή , δίπλα στην όχθη του Καρπενησιώτη ποταμού και περιλαμβάνει : • επιστημονικά διαδραστικά εκθέματα • υπαίθριο παιδότοπο και φουσκωτά τραμπολίνο • γήπεδα αθλητικών δραστηριοτήτων 5Χ5 και Βόλεϊ • φάρμα με οικόσιτα ζώα • ψυχαγωγικά παιχνίδια • παιχνίδια δεξιότητας για ηλικίες από 2 έως 92 ετών

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