About Us

We started Pick and Do out of our own desire to travel better...and for us, travel is all about anticipation and memorable experiences. Being free to explore independently, finding things to do beyond the obvious, yet feeling secure about our choices.
But being a curious traveler and not a tourist often comes with a cost! Information is scattered and in some cases even non-existent online, so the whole process is challenging and time consuming.
No need to worry about it anymore! We have done all the searching! We are traveling around Greece and together with a team of experts we are proud to present a growing collection of activities of all kinds, offered by trusted professionals.
We used technology to offer you an easy way to discover and instantly book all these interesting things you can do around Greece, all year round. For the holiday makers but also for us who are blessed to live here, the options are countless: in a country with perfect climate, natural wilderness and landscape of incomparable beauty - ideal for outdoor activities, a vibrant gastronomical scene, strong local identities and long held traditions and of course a unique historical heritage, with important monuments literally everywhere – no doubt you will be spoilt for choice!
Pick and Do is however more than a marketplace. We want to empower small local businesses that offer authentic experiences to promote their work and at the same time we support the local communities and groups who are actively engaged in protecting the environment and securing a sustainable model of tourism development.
We are inviting you in this exciting journey in search of meaningful and memorable moments…join our platform, get inspired, compare your options, Pick and Do